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We strive in the areas of marketing & technical services which will cover after-sales customer services, refurbishing, LSTK solutions etc. The company has a team of trained highly efficient & dynamic young engineers to serve the customer's need.Working with customers, we have the knowledge & expertise necessary to meet unique and specialized industrial engineering challenges.

Synergytek is a provider of Fabrication Engineering and Machine Tool solutions, continually evolving to meet our customers' changing needs

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Our one and only priority is the customer satisfaction

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Our Focus

At Synergytek - our focus is on providing total Sales & Service solutions to the entire engineering industries. Whether it's the first or many time we've worked with our customers, we examine every aspect of the job to ensure that our services match up flawlessly. We promise our customers of prompt, efficient services & envisage to work as partners in their growth, in their efforts to serve the nation effectively.

Expert Manpower

Synergytek professionals are dedicated to completing every installation on spec, on schedule and on budget. We even have flexible on-site fabrication capabilities, which means we can complete the installation quickly. Plus, our customers come from a wide range of industries located all over India. That means that, however unique or challenging your installation might be, there’s a pretty good chance we’ve seen a similar situation before and already come up with a solution.

Customer Support

Friendly after sales support for our customers.

On Time Delivery

We believe in time management and we know how important is your production time.We generally complete our projects on time.